Carnesville Fire Receives Funding from Community for Gear

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We at Carnesville Fire Department sit at the county seat and have provided fire and emergency medical services since 1977 for the City of Carnesville and surrounding communities. We have taken our roll as emergency responders very seriously since the beginning. While most think a fire department only responds to structure fires and the occasional cat in the tree, the reality is we do much more. We must be ready and capable to respond to a whole myriad of emergency calls. One of which is the possibly of a mass casualty event.
Carnesville Fire Department has worked closely with Franklin County EMS and our sister departments Red Hill & Five Area Fire to train and be prepared should the call come that we must respond to such an event. This may be the result of a multi vehicle accident on I-85 or an active shooter event at a church or school. All of Carnesville Fire personnel are CPR & Stop the bleed certified and yearly participate in a Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) class to be best prepared for such an event.
While conducting our most recent TCCC class our sister departments Red Hill and Five Area fire were also able to receive this much needed training. Combined this brings our total response strength to close to 40 men should the call come. For these responders to best perform their duties it is imperative that they have the tools needed to render aid. Carnesville Fire working with Franklin County EMS personnel identified the best trauma kits to fulfill this need which was two MCI walk kits from North America Rescue. The Two trauma bags were ordered by Franklin Co EMS on behalf of Carnesville Fire and the total being $2,411. These much need bags were paid for by generous and concerned individuals here in the community, Ginn Funeral Home of Carnesville, Livin’ Comfort Heating and Air Inc. of Carnesville and Mr. & Mrs. Darrel & Ann Hortman of Carnesville.
Now that Carnesville Fire has both trauma kits, we are better prepared to respond to a mass casualty event should the call come. We at Carnesville Fire Department would like to extend our appreciation to the businesses and citizens that stood up and financially supported us in this endeavor.
Thank you.
On behalf of all Carnesville Fire personnel
Image below: Trauma Bags and Litter
Image below: Contents of bags consist of various Airway, Breathing and blood control devices along with stretchers for moving injured.
Image description Below: Carnesville Fire members standing with owners of Ginn Funeral Home Sid Ginn and Livin” Comfort Heating Air Brandon Ayers. Mr & Mrs Hortman was not available for photograph.

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