Suspicious Person at The Carnesville Elementary Arrested

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ga. – On October 25, 2022, The Franklin County Sheriff responded to a 911 call from Carnesville Elementary related to a suspicious person at the Carnesville Elementary School on Highway 59.

Multiple witnesses contacted Franklin County 911 reporting a person who had parked on school grounds. The reports involved a person wearing what appeared to be a full-hooded mask with a sleeveless shirt.

The callers were those of concerned parents who were parked for the afternoon school dismissal.

Upon receiving the information Law Enforcement and School Administration become concerned of the method of entry onto the premises and the intentions of the hooded-mask person.

Law Enforcement, along with School Resource Officers, School Security and Staff members utilized the SOFT lockdown procedure. The lockdown was successfully completed that allowed the zone to be secured until the person of interest could be located.

During Law Enforcement patrol the vehicle of interest was located on Clarks Creek Road where a traffic stop was conducted. Law Enforcement found the driver of the vehicle still had the hooded mask in place.

At the traffic stop Officers were able to determine that the driver of the vehicle was the person who had entered the school grounds. The driver was later arrested where he was transported to the Franklin County Detention Center. Authorities located no weapons or other articles or devices that caused concern.

The full hooded mask was seized as case evidence. The perpetrator was formally charged with Disruption or Interference with the operation of Public School

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